This website was started in 2010 by Rebecca Dittman SRN, a sufferer from Nodular Prurigo (NP), after she could find no support organisation within the UK specifically concerned with this condition. Originally called Nodular Prurigo UK the name was changed to Nodular Prurigo International in early 2012 when it became apparent that a large volume of traffic came from countries other than the United Kingdom.

Since the website started a separate Facebook group has been added which has attracted interest from around the world. This has become an invaluable asset for help and support for those affected by nodular prurigo. We welcome new members and aim to help wherever possible.

The success of this website depends on visitors, especially those affected by NP. This site is currently self-funded and depends on voluntary effort, so any help or support will be gratefully received.


We are grateful for the support and help of the following in the implementation of this website:


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