This page is where sufferers can tell their own stories about living with NP and their treatments which may or may not been helpful. We hope you may wish to share your experiences with others. Please use the contact form to send them to us or if you wish you can use our Facebook group.

Nodular Prurigo International cannot warrant any of these stories, but feel that it is important to list things that others have found helpful.

1. Jake

"I have lived with NP for the last 8 years. After trying just about anything and everything from cortisone shots / tablets / methotrexate / various natural therapies i.e reflexology, homeopathy etc. nothing helped. Finally I am on Cyclosporine (sandimun neoral). For the first time in 8 years I have slept through the night - NO ITCH!! It is now 3 months and I am 99% clear, apart from some headaches which have eased I for now do not have any other side effects. Yes it sounds scary but I am closely monitored by my doctor, have frequent blood test and can honestly say WOW!

I have not tried this one as yet, I hope this may be of some help. The doc perscribed me with demerol cream which helps with itch / pain but nothing seems to stop this stress based problem ....,uv light treatment helps with old scars and appearance. Hope this helps"

2. John

"I am at my wits end myself as a fellow sufferer. I am currently on Tetralysal 300 and although these keep the lesions down I still can't get rid of them. I have them on my thighs and small of my back - and a nasty one on my arse!

This has been going on for years - and although the ones on my behind are nearly gone I noticed that they reappeared elsewhere.

I'm a Gay man and you can imagine how I feel - probably never have a steady partner again - always having fun in the dark using ulterior motives to get people to think that's what I like. There's been a few prospects that I've turned down not wanting to explain the situation - hell I wouldn't want to sleep with me let alone have some sort of partnership.

I keep on going to the clinic as I presume all the time I have HIV - even though it comes back negative. I will go again tomorrow as everywhere I look it says that people have this who have HIV. People would think that I have it I presume.

Sometimes I just wish I'd met someone with the same problem so we could sleep together and show each other our bodies. I guess it'll never happen.

PS. Right now I'm thinking I want to top myself - there's a guy chasing me who is so nice and really my type - I'm seeing this guy already as yet another 'who will be one that got away'."