We have three Facebook Groups:which we would encourage you to join if you are effected by NP.

This a worldwide group, mostly for effected adults, with over 1400 members. It allows those effected by nodular prurigo to get support, help and advice in a confidential setting. Membership is for individuals only and the primary language is English. We will try to help others with languages other than English.

Admins: Fraser Bain, Dawn Bradford, Rebecca Dittman, Cynthia Etherington and Dina Michael.

You can view a map of our members worldwide on our Google Map at http://goo.gl/maps/lfq8

  • An open, public group Nodular Prurigo Awareness (http://www.facebook.com/groups/npawareness). It's intention is to place issues effecting those suffering with nodular prurigo in the publ;ic domain. Please note that all posts in this group are public and therefore members have to consider to what level they share personal information.

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